Membership Subscriptions

Annual - Individual:   £21
Annual - Family:        £30
Day - Guest:            £1

Annual subscriptions are due on the 1st of July - the renewal form is available here.

If you wish to change your existing subscription from Individual to Family, please complete the Membership Upgrade Form.


How To Join

Get an application form, either by dropping in to the club, or by downloading one here.

Fill out the application form and return the completed form to the club with the appropriate fee - Done!

Well, almost...

Your membership application will be presented to the Club committee at the next Management Committee Meeting, assuming there are no issues, you will receive your membership card shortly afterwards.


How To Pay

Cash, cheques or plastic are accepted, alternatively, why not set up a standing order, the simplest way to pay.. by completing a Membership Standing Order form.


Corporate Membership

Are you a local business or organisation?

Corporate Membership enables members of your staff to enjoy all the benefits and facilities offered by the club.

Subscription fee is dependant on the number of members or staff - call for further information.